Retired scientist retrieves Rs2.7 million lost to suspected fraud transactions

Pakistan Today

ISLAMABAD: A retired scientist, Dr Yousuf Khilji, who had lost Rs2.7 million due to suspected fraud transactions, was given his money back after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) sent a notice to the bank.
Earlier in the week, Khilji claimed that all his savings were lost in suspected fraud transactions within 17 hours between October 25 and 26.
In addition, Additional Inspector General (IG) Punjab Tariq Masood Yaseen also lost Rs2 million from his bank account.
The FIA is currently investigating how the funds were taken from the accounts.
The agency’s cyber-crime wing on Tuesday warned that security of all Pakistani banks has been compromised after data from “almost all” the banks was stolen in a recent security breach.
Speaking to a local media outlet, FIA Cybercrime Director Capt (R) Mohammad Shoaib said that data from almost all Pakistani banks has been reportedly hacked by cyber criminals.
The FIA director further said hackers based outside Pakistan had breached the security systems of several local banks and stole large amounts of money from people’s accounts. “It shows banks are in need of drastic security improvement,” he added.
The FIA has written to all banks for a meeting to look into ways the security infrastructure of banks, the FIA director said, adding, “Being custodians of the money people have stored in them, banks are also responsible if their security features are so weak that they result in pilferage.”

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