Retired senior officers decide to challenge FGEHA plots balloting

The Nation

ISLAMABAD – Over 250 retired senior officers have raised questions over transparency and decided to challenge the balloting for allotment of plots in new sectors of the capital, The Nation has learnt reliably.

Balloting was supposed to be for allotment of plot numbers as they were already issued allotment letters but were removed from the final list after the balloting, several senior retired officers told The Nation.

Earlier this week, Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) had announced results of the balloting in which senior bureaucrats and judges of superior judiciary were allocated plots in sector F-14 and F-15.

They said that there are three categories for which applications were submitted by both serving and retired officers of the federal government as per the policy of the Authority and to whom allotment letters have already been issued.

They said with respect to Category-I, the Authority had earlier issued a list of allottees who had deposited the instalments. These persons were therefore eligible to be included in the balloting of Category-1, they said.

They said unfortunately at the time of balloting names of over 250 senior retired officers were removed from the list. This was done illegally to create two categories of “old retirees and new retirees” which was against the notified policy of the Authority, they added.

They declared that the whole process was illegal and arbitrary on different grounds including the notified policy of the Authority which is available on the FGEHA website “age wise seniority.”

They said the FGEHA Policy states that all advertisements published by the Authority for membership, and which are available on the record, have invited applications solely on the basis of this criteria that is “age wise seniority.”

They further said the offer of allotment/consent letters issued to the members for allotment of plots also mentions allotment on the basis of age-wise seniority and at the time they applied for allotment they applied for only single category which was “Federal government retirees” and there was and is not any other category.

When The Nation tried to contact Director General FGEHA Tariq Rashid through telephone call and messages for his comments in this regard, he did not reply till filing of this report.

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