RWMC corruption case will go to NAB

Daily Times

The inquiry committee to probe allegations against the Rawalpindi Waste Management Company’s (RWMC) has recommended the removal of its Managing Director (MD) Dr. Rizwan Sherdil. He is accused of illegally tampering with the proceedings of the 29th Board of Director’s (BOD) meeting which was held on the 30th of January 2018. BOD meetings for RWMC have not been taking place since then. The Inquiry committee will also recommend sending the case to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for an in-depth investigation of the case. The BOD has also comprised a committee of five people to prove the allegations against Sherdil, which is said to have been tampered the proceedings of the meeting as well.

Sherdil was accused and found guilty of altering the minutes of the BOD meeting in order to promote himself to the post of Secretary RWMC. Sherdil promoted himself as the Secretary without the approval and knowledge of the BOD. It is alleged that the Chairman Sardar Naseem Khan played the role of a co-conspirator to promote himself as the Mayor Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi.

In addition to the alleged illegalities committed by Sherdil, accusations of other violations have been made against Sherdil in which he misused the cars that were given to RWMC by a foreign waste management company, Al-Bayrk.The Turkish waste management company monitors RWMC in terms of their contract. Sherdil had not only been using a car from Al-Baryk for his personal use but had been using the cultural car of RWMC including a Honda Civic and a Mehran for his personal and family use, it was alleged.

The former secretary of RWMC, Muhammad Farooq submitted a written statement to the inquiry committee stating that in the meeting with the BOD, the minutes of the meeting were emailed to Sherdil who was not only the MD but also the Manager Admin. He had the minutes of the meeting signed and approved by the Chairman. Farooq also added that he never received the signed draft of the minutes of the meeting, which were signed by Chairman but didn’t match the original proceedings of the meeting. This allegedly proved the alteration.

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