Sarwar sees the corrupt as biggest threat to Pakistan

The Nation

LAHORE – Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that corrupt elements are the biggest threat to the country and end to such elements will not only go to strengthen Pakistan but the democracy as well.

The PTI government is committed to purge the country of the corrupt, the Governor said while talking to a media delegation here yesterday.

Ch Sarwar said judiciary is enjoying complete independence about passing the decisions according to the constitution and the law of the land. He said the PTI government is the first in history of Pakistan that has no knack of political victimization of the opponents and its preference is protection of the fundamental rights of everyone. The governor said the PTI government received an economy in crisis from the past government and it preferred the option of seeking help of the friendly states instead of going to the IMF for taking further loans. The PTI government not only saved the country from default but today its policies have immensely restored confidence of the foreign investors whereof economic situation of the country is fast revamping, he added. However, he said corruption has become a cancer in the country and unless this evil is fully rooted out, dream of lasting progress and development cannot be realized.

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