SBP ordinance to damage economic independence, says Khursheed

The News

SUKKUR: The PPP MNA, Syed Khurshid Shah, has said that resigning from the assemblies would mean strengthening PM Imran Khan. He was talking to media at the Accountability Court Sukkur, after appearing in the hearing of Rs 1.23 billion NAB corruption reference, here on Monday. The former leader of the opposition said every political party has its own political position and it is very difficult to converge on a point, but he expressed the optimism that the PDM will remain united.
He said while Maulana Fazlur Rehman and others think that Imran Khan will be packed up for home with the resignations of the Opposition members from the assemblies, he said the move will in fact strengthen Imran Khan. The PPP leader said the State Bank’s autonomy ordinance is a proverbial death knell to Pakistan’s economic independence. He said all the political parties have opted to take position against the ordinance but the PM remains unmoved. Khursheed said that if we follow IMF’s diktat, we will not be left with money to spare for salaries of employees, nor resources to bring out a budget. Meanwhile, the Accountability Court Sukkur adjourned the proceedings of NAB reference against Khursheed Shah and other coaccused till April12.

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