SC unhappy over NAB for not challenging bails granted to accused in Double Shah case

Business Recorder

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Monday expressed displeasure over not challenging of the high court’s order granting bail to some accused in the Double Shah fraud case by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and decided to hear identical petitions in this regard after three weeks.

A two-member SC bench comprising Justice Azmat Saeed and Justice Sajjad Ali Shah heard the pleas filed by several accused seeking interim bail in the above referred fraud case.

During the course of proceeding, Justice Azmat Saeed asked the NAB officials whether some accused had been granted bails in the case.

The NAB prosecutor apprised the bench that the high court had granted bail to some accused, who were involved in collecting amount of less than Rs one million from the victims.

At this, the bench expressed its dismay observing as to why the high court orders were not challenged before the relevant forum.

Justice Saeed remarked that either all the accused should have been bailed out or no one.

The NAB prosecutor said the Bureau as per policy picked up cases involving mega corruption.

Justice Sajjad Ali Shah asked whether the corruption of Rs 120,000 was a mega corruption cases.

The NAB prosecutor said the Bureau would file appeals against the high court orders granting bails to some accused.

Observing that it would hear the cases along with appeals to be filed by NAB, adjourned the hearing for three weeks

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