Senate Elections: Massive Rigging And Horse Trading Exposed

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Massive rigging and horse trading in the Senate Elections of the year 2018 exposed after a video emerged on Tuesday.
According to the details, loyalty of 20 lawmakers of the ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was changed after horse-trading during Senate elections in 2018. A video that surfaced on media today exposed the horse-trading during Senate elections in 2018 by PTI party lawmakers who could be seen as counting bundles of currencies and hiding it inside the bag.
The lawmakers had been ousted from the political party by the central leadership after holding a thorough investigation. According to the report MPAs in Islamabad participated in the 2018 Senate elections with Rs 38 million. Whereas six PTI MPAs in Peshawar participated in horse trading by taking Rs 40 Million for each vote in the Senate Elections 2018.
Special Assistant to Prime Minister, Dr Shahbaz Gill in his tweet said that “Today’s video proved that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s motive of open ballot in Senate Elections 2018 was correct. After bringing a neutral empire in cricket, Imran Khan now wants to bring a tradition of clean and transparent elections in the Senate. In today’s video, if someone is a member of PTI or any other party, the treatment will be the same. The captain will not leave any corrupt.”
It is worth mentioning here that Prime Minister Imran Khan earlier said that the cases against MPAs involved in corruption would be referred to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).
Let it be known that the PTI government, in order to conduct Senate elections by open ballot in 2021, has approached the apex court under Article 186.
Supreme Court’s guidance has been sought in the presidential reference in order to amend Section 122 (6) of the Election Act, 2017 without amending the constitution.

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