Shabbar Zaidi dismisses reports he was stopped by PM Imran Khan from taking action

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Former chairman of the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) Syed Shabbar Zaidi on Tuesday said that a message circulating on social media stating that Prime Minister Imran Khan stopped him from taking action against certain people is “fake and baseless.”
The clarification, which was posted on Zaidi’s newly-created Twitter account, further stated that PM Imran Khan supported the former FBR chief in every respect.
“IK is a great man and a great leader. I can swear about his intellectual and financial integrity. I am 100 per cent with him,” Shabbar wrote.
Last week, Shabbar had posted a message in two business-related WhatsApp groups (Corporate Pakistan and C100) where he opened up about the corruption of billionaire MNAs, terming it “state-sponsored corruption”.
Soon after, users started circulating screenshots of Shabbar’s message on social media in which he detailed how he “miserably failed” as the chairperson of the FBR.
In response to the message, some posts, as Shabbar claimed, started making rounds on social media in which he was accused of blaming PM Imran Khan for stopping him from taking action against corruption.
The original message
In his WhatsApp message, Shabbar stated that he was given “every honour that can be given by this country.”
“But my economics failed in relation to the other ‘respectable’ person[s] in this country,” the screenshot of the message read.
“Without knowing the details, I feel that this country can never be better in this state of affairs. All corruptions are intrinsically personal. Wealth Statement is the test,” he wrote.
Shabbar wrote that actual personal taxes by all billionaire MNAs would be definitely less than the taxes paid by him, adding that his net wealth was less than one-tenth or twentieth of the lowest.
“They know some ‘tax planning’ which I do not understand. It is ‘state-sponsored corruption,” he stated.
In his message, Shabbar also clarified that he was not trying to shift blame as he was given a chance but he could not prove himself.
“I am answerable to Almighty as I have fulfilled His commands but not answerable to fellow human beings, as in this case, I tried my level best. I hope I will be comfortable in my grave.”
Recommending reforms for the system, he wrote that rather than establishing more think tanks or committees, there should be a focus instead on providing the public with more information.
“Society, if well informed, is always very ruthless whilst dealing with its interest,” the message read.
Shabbar also announced on his Twitter account that he has exited both the WhatsApp groups in question.
Zaidi responds to PDM presser
Later, responding to a press conference by the Pakistan Democratic Movement, Zaidi said Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s statement is “completely incorrect”.
“My respect for Imran Khan increased many times after working with him. He is [a] great leader and a warrior against [the] status quo. I respect and salute him.”
Fazlur Rehman had made passing remarks about the aforementioned controversy, saying that the ex-FBR chief’s “confession” is an “FIR against the government”.
“The sugar mafia was given a facility of Rs 400 billion,” alleged the PDM chief, adding: “Shabbar Zaidi said that Imran Khan told him ‘leave them, they fund us’.”

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