SHC expresses concern over NAB’s performance

Daily Times

Sindh High Court (SHC) Chief Justice Ahmed Ali Shaikh on Thursday expressed concern over the performance of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in ongoing graft cases.
The SHC was hearing a petition regarding corruption cases filed against various suspects.
During the hearing, the court expressed annoyance with the NAB Karachi director’s work, asking him about the measures he had taken against the suspects in the case. However, the anti-graft body’s investigation officer failed to provide any suitable answer before the court.
Expressing its anger, the SHC chief justice said that if the suspects’ bank accounts were empty, why had not their properties been seized.
After the NAB investigation officer failed to provide a reasonable answer, the chief justice summoned the NAB Karachi Director Shehzad Imtiaz to the stand. The court asked Shehzad about who prepared call-up notices.
The director replied that they were prepared by the investigation officers of the case. “Do you know how to prepare it? We are astonished that the NAB director does not even prepare a call-up notice,” the chief justice said.
The chief justice remarked that he had been working in the bureau for the past 16 years and did not even know how to prepare a call-up notice. The chief justice then ordered him to prepare a call-up notice in the courtroom and asked him to show only a single call-up notice of Karachi that consisted of all the charges of the accused.
The court then directed the NAB officers to come prepared at the next hearing that will be held on May 30.

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