The most expensive marriage, Transparency International has demanded action from the Prime Minister

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Appearances at wedding ceremonies are a violation of rules, no action taken by CM and Punjab Police, federal government under its supervision

Lahore: A letter has been written to the Prime Minister against the action against Pakistan’s most expensive marriage in Lahore. According to media reports, Transparency International Pakistan has written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan demanding action against those responsible for spending billions of rupees on the most expensive wedding in Lahore.

The letter, written by Transparency International Pakistan, said that the Punjab government had not taken any action in the matter. Artists from home and abroad have been invited to perform at the wedding, with reports of spending more than Rs 2 billion on the four-day event. Extremely expensive wedding ceremony is against the rules. The Chief Minister and Punjab Police were bound to take action against those responsible but they did not take any action.

The Prime Minister should order action in this regard. The display of wealth cannot be tolerated by our society and economy. This will increase the waste of money. A private country club was booked for the wedding of the daughter of businessman Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal. The private country club was booked for Rs 150 million for 120 days. The FBR is investigating the payments made to the private hotel for the ceremony.

An investigation is underway into the payment of Rs 11.5 million to two singers at the ceremony. The payment of Rs 10 lakh given to Maulana for marriage at the ceremony is also being investigated. According to the FBR report, about Rs 2 crore has also been paid to the event management company while Rs 1.5 to 2 crore has been paid for barat decorating.

One crore rupees was paid for fireworks at the wedding. Rs 5 million was paid for photography and studio, while another company was paid Rs 4.5 million for videography. The FBR is investigating to verify the payments. It should be noted that there has been a lot of discussion on social media for a few days about a Pakistani wedding. The wedding was claimed to be the most expensive in Pakistan’s history. After the wedding news went viral on social media, the FBR took notice and asked the businessman for details of the wedding expenses.

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