Three flee from court after bail rejected in Sajawal corruption case

The Nation

After getting pre arrest bail pleas rejected, three accused, Ali Saleem, Imtiaz Ahmed and Bashir Ahmed, on Monday, escaped from the Supreme Court’s premises.
SC Karachi Registry was hearing the case with reference to financial irregularities in government funds in Sajawal, Sindh.
As the hearing went underway, the absence of the National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) representative was noted despite the issuance of the cause list two days earlier.
The top court rejected the bail petitions filed by the accused. After hearing the verdict, however, they managed to flee from the SC building largely due to the negligence of the NAB officials.
During the hearing, Justice Gulzar Ahmed remarked a nexus of government officers had plundered the development funds that had been collected with a lot of effort.
He added the citizens had been deprived of water, health, education and other facilities due to the corrupt elements.
“How can we complete development work when government officers rob everything?” he wondered.
The judge maintained, “The contractors had themselves admitted that all contracts were fake in Sajawal.”
The defence counsel, in turn, argued that his clients could face jail if their pleas were not entertained.
He added the anti-corruption watchdog was investigating the corruption allegations against Sajawal development funds.
The accused persons, however, were said to have no involvement in corruption.
Their bail should be approved, he noted.
To which, the court remarked it was up to the accused whether they wanted to go to jail or defend themselves in a relevant court.

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