Three SHOs Suspended Over Corruption, Negligence

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Rawalpindi-City Police Officer Faisal Rana on Wednesday suspended 3 station house officers on charges of corruption, carrying faulty investigation, negligence and poor performance, said a police spokesman.

The suspended police officers have also been closed to police line by the city police chief, he said.

According to him, CPO Faisal Rana, while continuing strict departmental accountability, placed 3 SHOs under suspension over corruption, misuse of power, negligence and conducting wrong investigations in the cases and closed them to police line. Those who were shown the door by the CPO included SHO RA Bazaar Sardar Pervaiz, SHO Morgah Zaheer Uddin Babar and SHO Saddar Wah Sahid Mehmood, he mentioned.

He said that earlier the CPO, following the instructions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab Capt (R) Arif Nawaz Khan, held a departmental inquiry against the aforementioned police officers and found them guilty in inquiry reports. In the light of inquiry reports, CPO dismissed them, he said.

In a statement, CPO Faisal Rana said the rule of law makes police the servants of the people. “Only the law has to rule in the society over the citizens. If a police official thinks that after wearing the uniform he has become the ruler of the people, it is his misconception,” he said adding that SHO ship is a responsibility which will be given to those who know how to fulfill this responsibility. CPO said that if law abiding citizen who are helpful to the police, complain of an SHO for faulty investigation, negligence and corruption, then such SHO must not be allowed to work.

Departmental inquiries will be initiated against the SHOs who have been suspended and in the light of the findings of inquiries, punishments will be awarded under the police rules, CPO added.

Meanwhile, three sisters were kidnapped by unidentified kidnappers from the limits of Police Station Civil Line, sources said on Wednesday.

The missing girls were identified as Aruj, 16, Fatima, 14 and Amna, 13, residents of Dheri Hassanabad, they said. Brother of the missing girls Khurram Shehzad reported the incident to police, they said.

On the other hand, City Police Officer (CPO) Faisal Rana, while taking strict action of the incident, ordered Superintendent of Police (SP) Potohar Division Syed Ali to recover the missing girls and to arrest the kidnappers.

According to sources, a citizen Khurram Shehzad lodged a written complaint with PS Civil Line stating that he returned home from work on 24/9/2019 and found his 3 sisters missing. He said that the family conducted a detail search of the girls but found no clue about their whereabouts.

The applicant suspected that some unknown kidnappers had abducted his sisters for bad purpose and requested the police to file a case and to recover the girls. Police accepted the complaint and began investigation, they said.

According to a police spokesman, CPO took serious notice over kidnapping of 3 sisters in jurisdiction of PS Civil Line. He directed SP Potohar to recover abductees and arrest the kidnappers. Latest scientific aid must be used to know the whereabouts of the abductees and the accused, CPO directed. “We are close to the recovery of the kidnapped girls, the girls will be recovered and the accused will be arrested soon,” said SP Potohar while giving a briefing to CPO.

SP Potohar said a special team has also been constituted including IT experts and skilled police officers and assigned them the task to trace the case. He said he is personally monitoring the case. SP told the CPO that action for recovery of the kidnapped girls is in process after taking the location of their mobile phones.

The IT experts are of the opinion that, using the latest scientific technology, police is close to have access to the girls and in the next 24 hours, not only the girls will be recovered but the accused will also be arrested. CPO said that, neither he himself will sit calmly nor will let the concerned police officers to take rest till the recovery of the girls.

He said police have to analyse the factors and objectives under which the girls have been kidnapped. “We have to protect the children of Rawalpindi at any cost and those who commit the act of kidnapping for any criminal purpose would not slip away from the grasp of law,” he said.

On the other hand, police held three men on charges of launching attack on dengue surveillance team in limits of PS Airport.

The detained accused were identified as Izat Zada, Bairoz Khan and Mustafa Khan, according to SP Potohar Syed Ali. He said that a dengue surveillance team was conducting survey of the area when the troika thrashed a female member and hurled threats of dire consequences. He said police registered a case against them and begun investigation.

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