Traders Protest Against FBR


RAWALPINDI: Traders on Monday held a protest against the government’s economic policies and taxation system of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and gave two days to the government to withdraw the system.

More than 100 traders gathered at Rabi Centre on Murree Road and brought out a rally led by Rawalpindi Anjuman Tajran President Sharjeel Mir, Naveed Kanwal and others. They staged a sit-in in front of FBR offices. After assurances by the board’s officials that their demands would be considered in the coming days, the traders ended the sit-in and dispersed peacefully.

Speaking at the protest rally, the speakers said the government had devalued the rupee and increased the dollar rate which had affected the purchasing power of the people.

They said the business community was already facing difficulties in doing business, and on top of that the FBR was creating problems for them. They said notices had been issued to the traders who were facing a financial crunch due to declining sales. On the other hand, another group of traders from Rawalpindi led by Shahid Ghafoor Paracha has planned a protest against the government on October 9.

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