Transparency International Hails NAB For Recovering Rs 71bn

Daily Times

Transparency International (TI) Pakistan Chairman Sohail Muzaffar has stated that under the dynamic leadership of Justice (R) Javed Iqbal, the anticorruption drive in last 20 months has resulted in an excellent impact, much needed since its inception, with record direct and indirect recovery of Rs 71 billion and filing of over 600 corruption references in the respected accountability courts during the present regime of 20 months, which is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan.

Chairman TI Pakistan said it is on account of over 51 years judicial experience of Justice Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB, the only Chairman NAB who has held the office of acting Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2007. NAB since its inception has played a very vital role in eradication of corruption and to recover looted money from corrupt elements by adopting “Accountability for All” policy. TI Corruption Perception Index indicate that in 1999 22/100, the rank was 87 out of 99 countries, and in 2018, during the first year of Honourable Mr. Javed Iqbal Chairman NAB tenure, Pakistan has achieved the highest CPI Score of 33/100, and the rank has improved remarkably to 117 out of 180 countries.

Sohail Muzaffar stated that Transparency International Pakistan has evaluated the performance if NAB in 2016. As compared to 27 South Asian Anti-Corruption Agencies (ACA), NAB’s performance indicators are at par or better to other regional anti-corruption agencies. And in Pakistan, as compared to other anti-corruption organizations like Federal Investigation Agency and Provincial Anti-Corruption Departments, NAB is perceived as more effective due to the dynamic leadership of Honourable Justice Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB, who has transformed NAB into a vibrant organization.

Chairman TI Pakistan also appreciated Honourable Mr. Javed Iqbal’s initiative to have a friendly attitude of NAB with businessmen in the interest of inducing confidence into the businessmen to feel free to do business in Pakistan without any fear, as they are the backbone of National economy, and they play vital role in the development of the country. Henceforth it was decided that NAB will not handle any sales tax and income tax taxation matters and ongoing cases will refer to FBR to handle them as per law.

Transparency International Pakistan has been working with NAB since 2000, on awareness and preventive efforts to eradicate corruption, and has held many workshops, trainings, and seminars, especially on NAB’s interaction with business community and bureaucrats, assisting in NACS, UNCAC etc, and plans to restart the same role with NAB on awareness and preventive efforts to eradicate corruption from our beloved country Pakistan.

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