Transparency To Be Ensured In Allotment Policy Of SWWB: Ghani

Daily Times

Sindh Minister for Information and Archives and Labour Saeed Ghani has said that all imperative measures were being adopted to eliminate past irregularities in providing accommodation to the workers and in this regard amendments to the allotment policy of Sindh Workers Welfare Board (SWWB) were also being considered.

Presiding over the 17th Governing Board meeting of Sindh Workers Welfare Board in his office on Tuesday, Saeed Ghani said that the incumbent government’s top priority was to spend the workers’ money for their welfare and in addition to that the suggestions of the workers must be given importance while formulating any policy. He said that the data of the employees in the EOBI was authentic and reliable, so the use of this data should be made mandatory in all the welfare work of the workers.

Minister says Sindh government trying its best to give workers their legitimate rights

During the meeting, some members of the governing body expressed their concerns over the delay in receiving the minutes of the meeting, to which the Provincial directed that the minutes of the current meeting be reached to all members within three days. He said that all members of the governing body should study the minutes thoroughly before the next meeting so that they can express their concerns at the next meeting. He said that before finalizing any policy, the opinion of all the members of the governing body would be considered.

Later, while following the agenda of the meeting, after consultation with all the members of the governing body on the amendments to the Workers Welfare Fund 2014 Act, all members agreed to submit their suggestions to finalize the amendments in the next governing body meeting. The meeting also deliberated on the possible amendments in the laws pertaining to the allotment policy of Workers Welfare Board Sindh.

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