UoS Syndicate Fires Ex-Registrar For Corruption, Misconduct

The Nation

SARGODHA-Former Registrar of University of Sargodha, Mr Mudassar Kamran, has been removed from services by the Syndicate on charges of corruption and misconduct after a thorough inquiry under the Punjab Employee Efficiency and Accountability Act, 2006.

The recovery of defalcated amount of Rs1 million has also been imposed upon him on account of drawing double salary.

Mr Kamran was held accountable for illegally appointing himself as project manager of the ‘Pakistan English Access Micro-Scholarship Program’ funded by US Consulate Lahore, and drawing dual salary in addition to the salary of his actual designation i.e. Additional Registrar. Presently, he was working on this position at the University’s sub-campus in Bhakkar.

Other charges against him include the misappropriation of the Access Program funds amounting to US$106,218, irregular sanction of advances and expenditure beyond financial competency, irregular appointments made as administrator, doubtful/irregular appointments of English Access teachers, irregular purchase of books and instructional material worth Rs.1.52 million, irregular retention of permanent store and stock items, violation of rules and concealment of facts.

The ex-Registrar had earlier approached the Lahore High Court and obtained a stay order against all three inquiries. But, his petitions were dismissed on June 26 for being without merit. Still pending before the Syndicate are two other inquiries against the ex-Registrar on charges of inefficiency and misconduct, concealment of facts and misuse of power under PEEDA Act, 2006. One enquiry implicates him for being a beneficiary of the unlawful actions taken by the ex-VC using emergency powers under section 13(3) of the University Ordinance, 2002, and serving the financial interests of ex-Public-Private Partnership (PPP) sub-campuses at the expense of university exchequer.

The other inquiry implicates Mr Kamran for enabling the administration of ex-PPP sub-campus Lahore to make unlawful admissions in the degree programs of BS Bio-Chemistry, BS Bio-Technology and MPhil Bio-Chemistry, which were not offered at the University main campus.

He also allowed the unlawfully established private sub-campuses at Lahore and Mandi Bahauddin to make excessive admissions.

The issue of illegal establishment of the private sub-campuses was taken up by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), which arrested the ex-VC and owners of the sub-campuses on corruption charges last October. The owners of private sub-campuses later confessed to the crime entered into plea bargain with NAB, while the ex-VC is in custody and facing NAB reference in an accountability court.

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